Daniel Timlin

Obituary of Daniel James Timlin

Daniel “Dan” James Timlin

DeWitt, Michigan


Age 61, our loving husband, brother, uncle and friend went to with God July 25, 2020.  Born December 20, 1958 in Lansing, MI. Daniel loved martial arts and in 1980 opened the Mid-Michigan Academy of Martial Arts, including multiple affiliates.

Surviving are his wife and high school sweetheart of 43 years, Tammy M. Timlin; brother, Thomas (Rhonda) Timlin; niece, Michela Timlin; nephew, Nathan Timlin; Sister-in-law, Linda (son Adam) Matson; Brother-in-law Dennis (Wife Diane) Warren; niece, Laura (husband Matt & 4 children Andrew, Chelsie, Abby & Wyatt) Gramza; nephew, Dennis (wife Angela & 2 children Chase & Cooper);  Nicholas (and wife Stacy & 2 children Ethan & Caden) and many other family members and friends.   Daniel was preceded in death by his parents, Loree and Paul Timlin.


Friends, This is the most difficult, painful part of my life's journey...it is with a heavy heart and no words for the pain I feel that I have to tell you all my best friend for 43 years and husband Daniel Timlin went to be with God Saturday, July 25 at 11:32 p.m.

He was a kind and gentle soul and an amazing man! He always took the higher road and lived his life with guiding principles that put others first. He was a giver; of knowledge, wisdom, and all that he could give to help others. His legacy will continue to live through all those lives he has touched. I have my focus on continuing his legacy with expanding Academy to multiple locations and compiling his notes to publish several books. He will continue to be a pillar of strength, courage, fortitude and so much more for all of us! God rest his soul! We will be together again, with love forever, your wife Tammy

Dan was a fabulous musician!  He played drums from the time he was a little boy; he told me a story about when he was 10 years old he played in a band with his brother and some of his brothers friends and his brother at the time was in Otto Jr. High.  They had a talent show at Otto and they let Dan play the drums even though he was not a student at Otto.  All the talent show participants were doing songs of the times (1969) except for their group.  They played a song by Jimi Hendrix and the crowd went wild!  Dan was only 10 and his brother said he had perfect beat!  Dan was that kind of musician that could listen to a song and play it without even reading the music.  As they say in the music industry, he was pitch-perfect. 

Dan was a tremendous guitar player!  He loved his strata castor and bought me one to teach me!  He could play lead, rhythm and sing!  He was in a band later in life with his brother and they did several gigs (as they say).  Dan was a great showman when wanted to be and one night during a gig he turned it up!  There were a few women that really liked his performance.  They came up to the stage and placed napkins down in front of him while he was playing.  So needless to say after he was done playing, I took the napkins to see what was on the them and it was there phone numbers!  I of course put them in the circular file.  Dan was very charismatic and it showed through from his soul through his eyes to his actions! J

Dan was a great story teller as well.  He had a way of teaching his students messages he knew they needed by telling stories with these lessons in hidden form.  He gave advice through his stories to those he knew needed it without being intrusive.  You could listen to his stories and feel like you were there living it.  He passed on so much this way to so many!

Dan was a natural comedian.  He could make you laugh at any time during any situation.  He used his humor to console those that he saw needed a laugh.  He used his humor to make you laugh to lighten you worries.  He always saw the good in every situation. He always looked for the silver lining in all situations.  He made lightened your heart when it was heavy and he always made me smile, every day even if it was a chuckle he made me laugh.  He always said we had to have a laugh before we went to sleep along with saying we loved each other because he always wanted to go bed with love and laughter in our hearts.

For those of you who did not know much about what Dan has done for the Martial Arts World, I would like to give you a little insight. He was such a researcher and innovator and was first in the Martial Arts World to bring all these arts together and to Michigan and one of the first to do many things for the Martial Arts World. Most of you do not know the innovative role he played in the Martial Arts World. I will be writing his books for you all to know more about Sifu and his journey as it was vast and expansive beyond what I can say here.

For those who wish to pay respects in person you are welcome and for those who wish to pay respects via the web site, etc... all is good. Thank you all for the outpouring of your love for Dan. He was the most forgiving, loving man I have ever met! For those who will be attending services, if you wish to say a few words, you are welcome to do so.

Services for Dan are as follows:

Fri. July 31:
Tiffany Funeral Home
3232 W. Saginaw Hwy.
Lansing, MI 48917
2:00-4:00 p.m. Receiving
6:00-8:00 p.m. Receiving
(7:00 p.m. Vigil & People can speak if they would like to say a few words)

Sat. Aug. 1:
St. Therese Catholic Church
102 W. Randolph St.
Lansing, MI 48906
10:00 a.m. Receiving
11:00 a.m. Funeral Services
Following St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery
2:30 p.m. Champps Restaurant - Eastwood Town Center for those who wish to come out - Please inform me if you will be coming to the restaurant. I currently have 50 seats reserved.

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You can speak on:
Fri. July 31 7:00 Vigil or you make speak at the 11:00 Funeral Service at St. Therese.